About Laurielle

Laurielle (also known as Alicia Güemes) is a comic-book writer and artist. She also happen to self-identify as a zombie. She was born in an rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and lived there until she managed to find a nice niche in Barcelona, where she sharpened her artistic skills in the Escola Joso before starting her yet unstoppable career in professional comicbookery.

She have been drawing the award-winning Spanish webcomic El Vosque since 2009. She is also in charge of the art and occasionally writes some of the spin-off comic strips called woodies and, since 2016, she also draws Diccionario de Fantasía (Fantasy Encyclopaedia).

Besides working on El Vosque, she has also written and drawn Por Siempre Jamás  (Ever After) an award-winning manga-style 180-page extravaganza,  published by Ediciones Babylon (2017).

She loves all the doggos, some videogames and watching lots of fail videos on Youtube (yay, Schadenfreude!) and, above everything else, tea. From exotic fragrant varieties to simple cheap teabags, consuming any and all warm theine vehicles is what keeps her alive (sort of).